Donation Campaigns

The chairs our student musicians sit in for practice and performance need an update!  The Farragut Band is using the original chairs purchased when the band wing was built in the 1976.  New chairs will not only promote better musicianship by suggesting better posture, they will protect instruments by eliminating scratches and dents resulting from tube ends and joints.

The chairs we are seeking to purchase are the Wenger Student Musician Posture Chair.  The need is for 120 chairs at a cost of $65.00 each.  

Your donation to this campaign will help the Farragut High School Band excel during practice and in performance.

The Farragut High School Marching Admirals will travel to Indianapolis to compete in the Bands of America 2017 Grand Nationals.  Following the competition, we have traditionally hosted a team building event which allows our students to decompress from the competition, discuss their observations, and bond as a group.  Sponsorship of this event will create another memorable experience in this critical competition. 

Each year, the Farragut Band Boosters provides a budget of approximately $250,000 directed to the Farragut High School Band program.  All monies come from fund raising efforts such as our famous annual fruit sale, concessions sales at home football games, and other initiatives throughout the year.  All positions in the Band Boosters are volunteer and no officer or volunteer is compensated for their time in any way.  100% of all donations received go directly to fund band programs and events.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations to Farragut Band Boosters, Inc. are tax deductable.

Your recurring support will allow us to continue those efforts and support the student musicians of the Farragut High School Band.  You may choose to provide your support for a fixed period of time or you may also choose to support the Band on an ongoing basis.  You can manage your recurring support either directly with Paypal or via this website; you are always in control of your support, both now and in the future.

Will you consider a recurring gift to the Farragut Band Boosters today?